Choosing Your Darts Stems

Choosing Your Darts Stems
10th June 2018 Stuart Walker

Here we go again, more thoughts from me. I will call them stems but we all know what they are.

Where do I start? There are thousands of options out in the open market for stems; from teeny to extra-long, plastic to titanium across all the colour options including multi-colour.

choosing your darts stems

With the above choice (This is just a few) it is no wonder players sometimes feel lost and just stick to what they know.

Darts stems at The Darts Shack

I for one change my stems on a regular basis as it changes the feel and look of them, which for me, is what I personally favour and helps me to develop as a player.

Players often forget that the length and weight of the stem will alter how your darts fly and enter the board, so it is well worth having different choices for different playing venues.

Nylon/Plastic is the most popular choice, but they do vary in price depending on which brand and style you want. I use a basic plastic one at the moment, which is very cheap but have before used very expensive ones and who is to say I won’t again?

Where do you go on your choice? Stems cost from a few pence to over £15 but as I believe the overall cost of darting equipment is reasonably cheap, compared to other sports, then spending a little more to see if there is a difference will still not break the bank.

In the end lots of things will change how your dart travels and we will be talking about flights and set up at a later date, so for now enjoy the game and happy darting.