Dealing With My Dartitis

Dealing With My Dartitis
10th October 2018 Darts Shack
Coping with Dartitis

Well where do we start on this subject?

Firstly, I must say that I am no expert on the subject; there are just my observations and feelings after seeing and hearing players struggling with it. I have decided to put my thoughts down for you about my personal demons with this condition.

I first struggled with Dartitis many years ago, but at the time instead of trying to overcome it I simply walked away and started playing pool…not sure if that was the correct thing to do but the decision was made.

I started playing again about 15 years ago and my involvement with the game has got deeper and deeper!! The only problem was that my Dartitis came back within a couple of years, but this time I decided to stick with the sport come what may.

I have read and followed lots of advice on the internet, but alas to no avail as no one could come up with the answer that I was looking for. That is where the problem lies; everyone is different, but we think that maybe a cure is out there, and someone will tell me… Not for me, after trying many different techniques, I found a solution that seems to help me.

I believe that, while it is the mechanical part of the throw that breaks down, it is the brain that holds the key. After having another conversation (argument) with myself while practising and getting frustrated, I just picked the dart up with my other hand and threw it in anger and shouted, there you go that’s all there is to it. I then used my other hand for a few hours whilst talking to myself (I’m only a little mad) and enjoying what I was doing, no pressure in what I was scoring or hitting.

Something must have clicked inside me, as then I realised I was putting too much strain on my brain and arm to try to achieve something, that I forgot to enjoy the game. Sounds simplistic but trust me it isn’t.

We always strive to be better, that is the nature of us humans, and we sometimes lose the ability to remember to enjoy what we are doing.

I still sometimes struggle a little bit when I am under pressure (I am not playing at a high level), but I try to remind myself to enjoy it. The throw has sped up a bit and I am happy to be playing. I will say to everyone, don’t give up as I am sure you will find your solution, but remember one thing, try to enjoy our sport, as I regret not trying to find a solution when I was younger!

I am always happy to talk to anyone on all things sports related, but particularly darts, so please feel free to get in touch with us.

That’s me done for now, Enjoy.