Bulls Dartboards – Focus II Plus

Bulls Dartboards – Focus II Plus

Bulls Dartboards – Focus II Plus


The Focus II Plus is the beginning of a new dartboard era. This board is the best BULL’S dartboard ever.

For more than 30 years, BULL’S has stood for innovation and quality and has hereby reached its current peak. Every component of the Focus II Plus has been meticulously planned, designed and fused together to create this unique dartboard. High end dartboard technology in a stunning design.

The centrepiece is the outstanding African sisal. Durable and up to the highest demands. The innovative sisal processing creates an amazingly high-contrast and high-quality target area. This new sisal processing also makes it easier for the darts to penetrate the board and stabilises the darts in the board. This procedure enables the spider to be embedded very deeply in the sisal, Bouncers (rebounds) are thus almost impossible. The hitting surface is optimised by the deeply embedded, extra thin spider, this is especially clear in the area of ​​the BULL’S Eye compared to conventional dartboards. The Spider-Leg-Free method used means that no metal brackets are visible around the hitting area. This significantly increases the overall impression of the dartboard.

The sharp, high-quality imprint and the modern metal numbers complete the outstanding overall impression of the Focus II Plus. The metal numbers are on a rotatable and powder-coated number ring, which avoids reflections. The Focus II Plus has exact tournament dimensions (45.5 x 3.8 cm) and thus corresponds to international tournament regulations.

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  • BULL’S Focus II Plus Dartboard – Professional.
  • Ultra thin wiring to help reduce bounce outs.
  • Made from high quality sisal and with a HD number ring.

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