Target Darts – Elysian Fourth Edition – Limited Edition

Target Darts – Elysian Fourth Edition – Limited Edition

Target Darts – Elysian Fourth Edition – Limited Edition


With only 200 steel-tip and 200 soft-tip sets, we are delighted to bring you the fourth edition of Elysian. The name Elysian was derived from ancient Greek mythology [Meaning: Beautiful, Creative, Inspire]),but to live up to this name we needed to create a dart that was out of this world, perfectly superlunary. Once again, Target’s development team have stepped beyond perceived limitations, disregarded the established rules of barrel design and produced a dart that encapsulates our great sport. Elysian set’s the bar for the future and consolidates our mission to consistently challenge the status quo to bring you revolutionary new designs, coatings and machining techniques. Every detail within Elysian 4 has been perfectly considered. Packaged in the exceptionally designed Elysian presentation box, you will find an additional 3 sets of flights (NO2,Kite and Ten-X), 2 sets of shafts (Short and Intermediate), flight protectors, and bespoke pin badge. Visit for more info.

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  • It takes over an hour to turn a plain billet of tungsten into a fully formed and milled Elysian barrel
  • The tool works constantly along the whole length to gradually reveal the intricate grip forms that make up the Elysian 4
  • The front of the barrel introduces our new Cell grip which features 192 intricately machined hexagons bevelled at a 45 degree angle
  • Individually curated on a CNC Lathe and Milling machine, the Cell grip offers solid purchase for confident grip both radially and axially
  • The Cell grip is then coated with a physical vapour deposition of gold Titanium Nitride, before once again being returned to the CNC machine for finishing
  • The steel tip is fitted with a black ‘Elysian’ Storm point
  • Finished with Elysian 4 black Ti shafts and Ultra. Ghost+ flight featuring the stunning hexagonal Elysian 4 design
  • W: 24G
  • L: 51.00mm
  • Ø 7.14mm


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