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Phil Taylor POWER-9FIVE Gen 4 Darts Review
- by Darts Shack

Well, where do I start with these bad boys? A little while ago I used to play with front weighted darts very similar to these, so I thought it would be good…

Rob Cross Darts
- by Darts Shack

This time I thought we could talk about the different darts each player uses and why not start with the current World Champion, Rob Cross. Rob only has two sets of darts…

Winmau Aspria Darts
- by Darts Shack

Today we are taking a look at the Aspria darts from Winmau. They come in a straight barrel that is either 22g or 24g or a slightly bullet-shaped one that comes in…

Choosing Your Darts Stems
- by Darts Shack

Here we go again, more thoughts from me. I will call them stems but we all know what they are. Where do I start? There are thousands of options out in the…

Darts Lighting Systems
- by Darts Shack

Today I thought I would give you my view on lighting systems and options that are out there. We have all tried different ways to light our dartboards up, from using a…

Brian’s Unicorn Neon Darts
- by Darts Shack

Hello darts fans; on The Darts Shack blog we thought we’d try and talk about darts as much as possible and as often as possible…but where do we start as there is…


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