Choosing The Right Flights For Your Darts

Choosing The Right Flights For Your Darts
12th December 2018 Darts Shack

Hello again…Well where do you start with flights?

There are a multitude of choices out there. As you can see from below they come in lots of different colours, but these are all standard flights. There are plenty of options in shape and design but that then becomes personal choice.

choosing the right flights for your darts

I for one, am playing with the standard shape flights now. I have in the past used a kite shape when I felt my throw was where it should be.

I believe the smaller the flight the quicker your throw needs to be, to enable you to control the dart better.

When I tried the Phil Taylor type of flight what I found, particularly with my throw, was that the dart dropped low in the board, so the point was only just in the board. I felt the flight was controlling my dart instead of me controlling it.

Pear shaped flights also, for me, did not hit the board how I like them to. Most of this would be the way I throw but the idea is to try different types to see which you prefer.

Kite shaped flights are slightly bigger than pear shaped, which I like on a personal level. Sometimes I throw with these types, other times I use standard; that is the beauty of flights, they are not expensive to try.

There are still a few more type of flights to consider other than those mentioned above but let me know if you would like me to talk about them, as I would need to try them out myself!!

Oh, and we’ll talk about the thickness of flights at a later time!


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