Review of Simon Whitlock Urban Grip Darts

Review of Simon Whitlock Urban Grip Darts
19th September 2018 Darts Shack
Simon Whitlock urban grip darts review

Hello again, just a few thoughts about some more darts as for some reason I can’t resist trying them out. Kid in candy shop springs to mind!

This time I have gone for the Simon Whitlock Urban Grip Darts and there is one thing for sure…I would never have thought about buying these if I didn’t have the choice to try them first, as I think they would have been way out of my comfort zone.

The first thing that I do like, is the look of them; they do look stunning and with the correct setup you will be the talk of the pub!

The weight I decided to use was the 24g ones and I started with short stems and standard 75Mc flights. Well they came out of the hand very easy and as they are a scalloped type dart it was so easy to hold them in the correct place every time.

I really went to town on these; changing stems and flights to find a flaw in the way they moved through the air. I tried slim flights but with my first dart it went straight in the treble 20, the others were not so good but you get my point. So, you little devils I will get you, I dislike aluminium stems, so I tried them with kite flights and hit a very rare 180 on my first attempt.

Trying to work out why they went so well, I can only presume it is because you do hold the dart in the same place every time, thus giving you a chance to throw consistently. Would I buy them? Yes…am I going to? No…why? Because I am still enjoying the darts I am currently using, but I can fall back on these further down the line if needed.

Don’t forget these are my thoughts and not any kind of detailed review, if you would like to have the full technical details I can give them to you.

Please feel free to come in store and give them a go.