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  • Target Darts – Daytona Fire GT – 95% Tungsten

    An extension of the Daytona range, Daytona Fire GT shares the same distinctive Trapezoidal grip technology precision machined into 95% pure tungsten. Overlaid with a sporty blue Titanium Nitride performance coating, to enhance grip and provide your barrel with long lasting protection. Technically perfect, visually stunning - Daytona GT is conditioned for the most sophisticated grip, and set off with the Carbon Ti shaft and grooved Storm point for an elegant finish. Available in 3 steel-tip barrel shapes to provide the ideal solution for your individual grip.

  • Target Darts Professional Players – Phil Taylor – Power 9Five Generation 5 – 95% Tungsten

    The Power 9Five G5, developed for Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – 16 times Champion of the World. Balanced for the stacking style of play ‘The Power’ is known for, each barrel has been cut with the stunning Trapezoidal Grip technology to offer outstanding levels of grip and feel. The barrel is then hand sandblasted to create a distinct matte texture for improved grip at the rear, and laser etched with Phil’s signature and Target Logo. Coated in a Blush Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride to provide long lasting barrel protection and enhanced grip. Finished with Ultra.Ghost + flight, Power Titanium G5 Shaft and Diamond Pro Point.
  • Target Darts – Professional Players – Phil Taylor – Power 9Five Generation 4 – 95% Tungsten

    The Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 4 from Target Darts. The next Generation in Dart technology has been developed for Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor – 16 times Champion of the World. Target has been working closely with Phil Taylor to perfect this next generation dart. The Phil Taylor Power-9Five Generation 4 features a new Black Titanium coated Titanium Shaft with enhanced grooves at the base of the shaft for added grip. The Power 9Five Gen 4 darts are available in 3 different weights.
  • Target Darts – Professional Players – Phil Taylor – Power 9Five – Gen 1 – 95% Tungsten

    Phil plays with Power 9Fives. Each dart is Machined from an ultra-dense 95% Tungsten billet, the dart is then hand loaded into a Japanese CNC lathe for its machining process, it is then milled to apply our unique patented Pixel Grip. Each Dart has 90 individually machined axial pixel cuts along the length of the dart to give the unique and unparalleled tactile grip. The dart is further enhanced with the application of Phil’s Azzurri blue titanium nitride coating to each of the Pixel cuts. The addition of the laser etched Power 9Five logo, steel dart points, the Titanium Power Shaft and Vision Edge flights complete a truly stunning dart.
  • Target Darts – Carrera Sport – Turbo – 90% Tungsten

    Target's classic Carrera gets a sportier look. Introducing Carrera Sport, coated and coloured in a Polychromatic Titanium Nitride with bilateral grip technology. Complete with Target Pro Grip Shafts & Target ULTRA.GHOST+ Flights. The Carrera Sport Turbo is available in 2 different weights.
  • Target Darts – Carrera Azzurri – AZ01 – 90% Tungsten

    A new twist on the Carrera dart range. Incorporating pixel grip technology with added precision milling, coated in an Azzurri blue titanium nitride for a stunning and protected finish. Carrera Azzurri leans on the original concept of Carrera and then takes it to a new level. Complete with Target Pro Grip Shafts and Target ULTRA.GHOST+ Flights. The Carrera Azzurri AZ01 is available in 2 different weights.
  • Target Darts – Carrera – C4 – 90% Tungsten

    This stunning new dart from Target features our unique, revolutionary new Pixel grip technology. It combines both axial and radial precision-milled cuts to produce a bi-directional grip form never before seen on a dart. This is Target at it's innovative best - creative design and unique technology, together bringing you darts of supreme craftsmanship, and bear Target's unique lifetime barrel guarantee. The Carrera C4 is available in 4 different weights.
  • Winmau Darts – Vengeance – 90% Tungsten

    Vengeance Darts introduce the first V-Tech Control three-dimensional technology, the smartest, most biomechanically precise darts ever made. V-Tech Control features 7 Degree power accumulator opposition force design dynamics for maximum grip torque and release flexion. V-Channel technology engages the full range of wrist and hand for ultimate radial control and coordination of release dynamics. Vengeance space age looks are beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted, and are available in 3 different weights.  
  • Winmau Darts – Calibra – 90% Tungsten

    Introducing one of the most inspired barrels to date. A classic profile featuring cutting edge bi-directional machining combined with inspirational design. Perfectly balanced front loaded profile aids momentum and definitive trajectory to the target. Strategically positioned grip zones meticulously machined for optimum control and feel. Coated with class leading Onyx coating and re-machined for a unique look and feel. Exclusive Freeflo point technology for stunning looks and reduced dart-on-flight deflection. These darts are available in 3 different weights.  
  • Winmau Darts – Vanguard – 90% Tungsten

    Beautiful performance and perfect lines from one of the most exciting darts on the market. Crafted from enhanced machining techniques using only the finest materials. Subtle, agile and sophisticated and finished in a stunning blue Titanium nitride Coating. C-Axis controlled precision grip for the ultimate in performance and quality. These darts are available in 2 designs, each with 2 different weights.  
  • Winmau Darts – Zagato – 90% Tungsten

    These state-of-the-art darts are amongst the most hi-tech and complex in our collection. Perfectly balanced with a combination of high-powered performance and sleek design. With enormous presence, perfect proportions and the finest C axis controlled precision machined finish. Darts of pure elegance, style and deadly accuracy. The Zagato range of darts are available in 4 different designs and various weights.  
  • Winmau Darts – Stratos – 95/85% Dual Tungsten

    Darts travel along a parabolic curve and are subject to the Earth’s gravitational pull through their Centre of Gravity (CoG). Darts tracking a true trajectory will experience uniform airflow over the flights and less movement in the air, providing more consistent angles of penetration. Dual Core technology provides a front weighted bias and optimum CoG. This radically improves the trajectory to deliver unsurpassed flight dynamics and allowing players to achieve an optimal flight path. Stratos Dual Core technology combines advanced ballistic theory with innovative super alloy metallurgy. Manufactured with ground breaking sintering processes to produce Winmau’s first Dual Core tungsten billets, these darts feature uniquely fused 95% tungsten alloy at the front with 85% alloy at the rear. The stunning look and performance of the dart is complete with an extra tough Onyx Coating. The Stratos darts are available in 5 different styles and a variety of weights.
  • Unicorn Darts – Super True – Blue – 90% Tungsten

    With Super True flights. The Super True Blue version comes in 3 different weights.
  • Target Darts – Professional Players – RVB90 – 90% Tungsten

    Endorsed by the 5 Time World Champion, RVB’s 90% dart, consists of a straight barrel cut with radial grooves and axial milling at the front end combined with precision tri-stepped grooves at the rear, for an incomparable twist to a classic shape. Features Pro Grip shaft and Vision Ultra flight. RVB 9ZERO darts are available in 3 weights.
  • Harrows Darts – Oracle – 90% Tungsten

    Through a complex fusion of intricate milling and expert machining, Oracle darts have been created. The 90% tungsten parallel dart is a flawless display of the machining capabilities we have here at Harrows. Divided into eleven symmetrical segments, this dart boasts unrivalled control as a result of its cutter head grip. A mid-balanced, slim barrel allows for closer grouping and reduced bounce outs. The dart is initially turned using our new sophisticated CNC machinery, coated in black titanium nitride, then given a second, vivid, jade metallic coating. It is then carefully milled to reveal the final stunning 3 colour contrast, completing the look of this truly outstanding dart.  The Oracle darts are available in 4 different weights.
  • Unicorn Darts – World Champion Ambassador – John Part – 95% Tungsten

    Team Unicorn is proud to have 4 World Champions. No other brand has more Champions or more Championship victories. As World Champions they demand the very best. This is what they use. John Part's version are available in 3 different weights.
  • Harrows Darts – Sonic – 90% Tungsten

    A complex combination of precise milling, tough blue titanium nitride coating and unique re-machining, results in a stunning barrel with innovative, modular protrusions for powerful grip. There are 2 barrel designs, parallel and tapered, each offering grip sequences of varying intensities. Sonic darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and are fitted with clear Supergrip shafts and new Sonic flights. The Sonic darts are available in 2 different styles, each in 3 different weights.
  • Harrows Darts – Wolfram Infinity – 97% Tungsten

    Since the introduction of our original Wolfram 97% tungsten darts 6 years ago, it has been one of the most popular darts on the market. Now it is time to welcome the second generation - Wolfram Infinity. Created using the finest injection moulded tungsten to maintain the iconic and much loved slim barrel, Wolfram Infinity has improved on the look, feel and performance of its predecessor. These darts are delicately turned on our Japanese CNC machines to create an intense, all over grip, ensuring a precise and consistent release. A striking combination of black titanium nitride and a vivid, red metallic coating, complete this stunning addition to the Wolfram family. The Wolfram Infinity darts are available in 6 different weights.
  • Target Darts – Professional Players – Lorraine Winstanley – 90% Tungsten

    As used by Lorraine Winstanley, these 90% Tungsten darts have been designed in collaboration with Lorraine to ensure they were the perfect dart for her throw. Featuring radial grooves and coated in Black Titanium Nitride, these darts offer Lorraine the grip and feel she requires whilst providing long lasting barrel protection. Complete with Pro Grip black shaft, and Lorraine Winstanley Vision.Ultra flight. Lorraine Winstanley's darts are available in 3 different weights.
  • Unicorn Darts – Premier Natural – Kim Huybrechts – 90% Tungsten

    Premier is the Elite grouping of Unicorn PDC Premier League players only a heartbeat away from World Champion status. The Premier League has taken the darts world by storm – and Unicorn’s Premier grouping are demanding the best to take them to the very top. This is what they use. Kim Huybrechts' Premier version are available in 3 different weights.
  • Harrows Darts – Spina – 90% Tungsten

    Spina is a concept borne out of the idea to create a dart focusing on perfect balance, along with powerful grip. Through complex machining, we have created a dart for players who demand optimum feel and consistency. The reverse-hook cut on the front and rear of the barrel ensure an astounding level of grip, whilst the finer shark-cut grip at the taper guarantees consistent finger placement throw after throw. Spina 90% darts are available in both black and gold titanium nitride models, both of which are completed with eye-catching, blue metallic coated rings. The Spina darts are available in 2 different styles and a total of 6 different weights.
  • Winmau Darts – Professional Player Darts – Steve Beaton – 90% Tungsten

    Steve Beaton Professional Player Darts. Stunning World Champion designed darts with gold and blue Titanium Nitride Coating. These darts feature a perfectly front-weighted barrel for a smooth trajectory and incorporate multiple ring patterns for a secure grip and ultimate control. They are built for pure rhythm and world class accuracy.  The Steve Beaton Darts are now available in 3 weights.
  • Target Darts – Agora – 90% Tungsten

    Agora features a combination of radial grooves and precision milling to create a premium, yet accessible dart design. Multiple milled cuts on the 5 steel-tip barrel designs, means that Agora provides a suitable solution for varied grip styles. Finished with Pro Grip shaft and the eye-catching Agora flight range with ULTRA.GHOST+ Technology. Agora darts are available in 5 styles and 2 different weights for each.
  • Harrows Darts – Wolfram – 97% Tungsten

    Tungsten, in its purest form, has the chemical name Wolfram. These darts are made from 97% Wolfram using a high pressure, super fine injection moulding process. This produces a uniform atomic structure for superior strength and perfect weight distribution. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with white speedline shafts and marathon flights. The Wolfram darts are available in 6 different weights.

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