Play Better Darts with the Treble Trainer

Play Better Darts with the Treble Trainer
31st May 2018 Stuart Walker

During quieter times at The Darts Shack we thought we should start writing a few posts and articles to give you more of an idea about some of the products we sell and help you to decide whether you and your game can benefit from them.

First up is the Treble Trainer, and as you can see from the photo below it is a circular piece of foam with holes cut out for every double, most trebles (ignoring the ones we do not want to hit), and the inner and outer bull. It also come with a segment trainer so if you like you can set it up to concentrate on an area of the board.

Treble Trainer darts training

You will have most probably heard them been mentioned on Twitter and Facebook by some pro players and some ex pro’s. I thought I would give it a go myself and see if it would be possible to help me out as one of the things I lack during any game time is focus.

So, after a bit of a warm up here is one of my earlier efforts…

Treble Trainer darts practice

As you can see from this attempt I need as much help as possible, and around an hour later I managed to produce this…

play better darts treble trainer

Looks like there is some improvement but is that because I was practising or because of the focus that the Treble Trainer pretty much imposes on you while you practice?

You probably need to give it a go and I think for the price (£9.99) it is well worth exploring the option, but it is no miracle cure as we all realise that will come down to how much practice your prepared to put in.

If like me you’re looking to improve even the smallest amount, then I believe this can only help and we have one set up for you to try out yourself if you are in the area…so feel free to pop in and give it a whirl.