Darts Lighting Systems

Darts Lighting Systems
5th June 2018 Darts Shack

Today I thought I would give you my view on lighting systems and options that are out there.

We have all tried different ways to light our dartboards up, from using a table lamp to trying to set the ceiling light at an angle to shine on the board (and many more in between as well!).

I for one have my board upstairs at my home so was able to buy some spot lights and get an electrician to install them for me. If I had the options available to me then that we do today I think I would have gone down a different route and used one of the new purpose built lighting systems that are available.

So, we will start this series with the Target Corona Vision darts lighting system. The Corona is connected to the board by magnets also supported in place by the surround…

target corona darts lighting system

You can still stand to the side and have a good view of the board (See view below) so chalking is not a problem.

target corona darts light side view

Whilst the view from the front is very good, as you can see from the picture below the light and all fittings seem to become part of the surround. I have heard comments from people saying that they might hit the light, well in my opinion, and this is from someone with a loopy throw, that is not the case as everything is kept nicely out of the way.

target corona darts light oche view

The best thing about the Corona lighting system is that you no longer have any shadows on the playing surface of the board, so it helps with aiming at the target you are after.

Hope this helps in your decision in which route to take for your lighting. We have a boards set up with the Target Corona so please call in to The Darts Shack to take a look and have a throw if you are in the area or order from us online if your mind is made up.