Brian’s Unicorn Neon Darts

Brian’s Unicorn Neon Darts
1st June 2018 Darts Shack

Hello darts fans; on The Darts Shack blog we thought we’d try and talk about darts as much as possible and as often as possible…but where do we start as there is so much to cover?

One topic that might interest you is the actual darts we have been playing with recently, so here is Brian to talk you through his not very hard to miss arrows…

Unicorn Neon darts 23g

The Unicorn Neon 3’s are a very attractive looking dart, which is where most manufacturers are aiming to be nowadays. Better looking equipment which in the right hands does the same as an old brass dart but I am playing this sport for my enjoyment as well as the competitive side of it, so I decided to buy some nice-looking darts for a change.

Whilst these darts look front loaded they have surprised me on how evenly balanced they are. The balance point seems to be right at the back of the thick part on the barrel.

I have been playing with a much heavier dart at 28g, so with the set up I have in place (See below) I am surprised on how well they feel when I throw them.

Unicorn Neon darts set up

The good thing from my perspective is where I grip the darts. I have always struggled to have a consistent grip with other darts; these on the other hand, I find easier. Because of the design I can place my grip just on the back of the thick part of the barrel and hey presto I do it again and again without thinking about it.

Not everyone holds their darts in the same place, so the only way to know for sure is to experiment, so why not come and pay us a visit and enjoy experimenting yourselves!!