Phil Taylor POWER-9FIVE Gen 4 Darts Review

Phil Taylor POWER-9FIVE Gen 4 Darts Review
6th July 2018 Stuart Walker

Well, where do I start with these bad boys?

Phil Taylor POWER 9FIVE Gen 4

A little while ago I used to play with front weighted darts very similar to these, so I thought it would be good idea to try them out. One of the reasons I stopped playing with them is I felt I was losing my grip and feel of the darts, so they came as a surprise to me when they felt comfortable in my hand.

The grip, whilst not sharp like other darts, felt safe in my hand allowing me to release the dart comfortably without worry. As with most front weighted darts they certainly land with a thud if you use a traditional set up.

To give a fair assessment of these darts, I first used the stems and flights that I am currently using, which are 41mm plastic shafts with Winmau standard flights (100mc). For me, they did not fly how I like them to, but they did land quite upright which is what I like.

I then changed to a smaller kite flight at 75mc and used the pro grip intermediate stem to see how they reacted. Wow; surprised I was! They flew lovely and landed just how I like them to…please Brian do not change again!! I can see why some players use them.

Then I used the set up which came with them, including the very small flights. Can’t say I enjoyed that as I simply didn’t, but I fully understand why they are used as if you do land below the treble, it opens the whole target up for you; but again, I prefer my darts to stand upright.

Happy darting; if you have any requests for me to try out and report back on then please feel free to get in touch with us.

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