Winmau Aspria Darts

Winmau Aspria Darts
16th June 2018 Darts Shack

Today we are taking a look at the Aspria darts from Winmau. They come in a straight barrel that is either 22g or 24g or a slightly bullet-shaped one that comes in at 21g or 23g. I practised today with the 22g one, see below.

Winmau Aspria Darts

The length of barrel is longer than I normally use at 50mm and it is thinner than my personal choice at 6.35mm for the 22g dart. The 24g dart is thicker at 6.70mm but still thinner than my personal choice.

Putting all that aside, once I found the stem and flight combination that worked for me, they have a lovely feel about them, by that I mean the dart seems to stay comfortably within your grip. The grip feels light to the touch, but you can feel that you are holding it.

With the fact these are thinner barrels than I normally use, when you get them in the treble (which one it is varies!!) you can see plenty of the bed remaining. The darts seemed to stand at a nice upright angle (which I prefer) again giving you a bigger and better target to aim for.

The fact that these darts are attractive (in my opinion) and seem to fly well means that you must at the very least come and try these out as we have some on display.

Finally, I think that Winmau have got the overall set up looking fantastic with the stems and flights adding to the aesthetically pleasing visual effect of these darts.

Feel free to give us your feedback on these Winmau Aspria darts or your views on any of the products available.