Rob Cross Darts

Rob Cross Darts
22nd June 2018 Stuart Walker

This time I thought we could talk about the different darts each player uses and why not start with the current World Champion, Rob Cross.

Rob only has two sets of darts available at the time of writing (no doubt that will change); his standard set and his limited-edition set. I will start with the former…

Rob Cross Voltage standard darts

As I have mentioned before, I usually use a thicker barrel dart that is bullet shaped (Neon 3) which I find I can hold nicely but I was surprised how well his standard dart felt in my hand. Once I got the combination of stem and flight right I enjoyed the way these darts flew and entered the board. They have a radial grip which seemed to help me as I have a light grip that sometimes can slip.

To give a fair assessment of his darts I used the 23g ones, so the barrel length and width matched.

So, onto his limited-edition darts…

Rob Cross limited edition darts

Again, I thought I would struggle with them, but to my surprise I found the black titanium nitride coating gives the grip a fantastic feel, so much so I have decided to keep them out the packet and use them.

If, like me, you brought a set of his darts to keep, because they were limited edition, I would honestly get them out the packet and have a throw with them (check the number as well). If you then enjoyed throwing with them, then do what I am going to do, buy another set to keep and enjoy throwing with this dart, as at the price they are, they are well worth investing in a second set.

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